Social Responsible Investing

As an asset manager and partner of various internationally operating non-profit organisations, Arminius Wealth Management is aware of the various problems that are present on a global scale. That is why we take certain sustainability criteria into account when deciding the allocation of assets, based on our values and corporate strategy. We also offer individual asset investment concepts in the area of socially responsible investing.

“Socially responsible investing” is an investment process that, in addition to traditional criteria and risk premiums, takes into account ecological, social/ethical and governance criteria in particular.

The possibilities range from general SRI overlay management to the special consideration of individual sustainability criteria depending on customer requirements or targeted impact investing.

Numerous studies show that the consideration of sustainability criteria can have a positive effect on the risk/return profile of portfolios without a detrimental restriction of the diversification effect as a result of an investment universe specifically limited by the sustainability criteria.


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