Asset Management

The foundation of our business is a comprehensive understanding of not only our client’s goals and risk expectations, but also other tax-related and legal circumstances.

In today’s world, complex wealth structures place high demands on financial advisors and asset owners alike. Our advice is based on a clearly structured advisory process, which we describe in detail below.

With our active wealth management approach, we rise to the challenges of both our clients and the capital market, ensuring that investment remains within the clearly defined risk parameters agreed with the client, and other investment guidelines. As well as providing regular, comprehensive written reports, we are also personally available for our clients at all times.

Our consulting and support approach follows a clearly defined process that covers all relevant aspects in terms of a holistic understanding of consulting.


5 Steps for Collaboration



When it comes to asset-related matters, before a cooperative working relationship can be established, there needs to be a certain level of professional expertise and trust in the integrity of the selected service provider. We look forward to getting to know you better in an initial discovery meeting, which is free of charge and without obligation. We would like to get to know your wishes, needs and experiences in an open and confidential exchange of information in order to introduce you to Arminius Wealth Management, our advisory philosophy and our services that are tailored to your needs.

At the end of this meeting, both sides should have sufficient information and first impressions to be able to decide whether to continue with the cooperation.

Ideally, we will already have thoroughly impressed you in our initial meeting, and you will also meet our personal requirements for a cooperation. This is the basis on which we will define the framework of our cooperation in this follow-up meeting.

If you prefer, we can gladly involve your own advisors in the further process for the legal and tax structuring of your assets. Arminius Wealth Management also has a large network of proven experts in the fields of legal and tax advice, fiduciary services and auditing, which we would be happy to introduce to you. Arminius Wealth Management itself does not provide legal or tax advice.

DEFinition of cooperation



Without detailed knowledge of you and your circumstances, we are unable to work together, both in terms of content and for legal reasons. We therefore take our "know your customer" process very seriously.

Against the background of legal due diligence obligations and money laundering regulations, we therefore document all relevant information about our clients and the associated assets.

In order to develop your investment policy and the asset management strategy based on it, we work with you to clarify your goals, wishes and general conditions for the management of your assets.

Making investments requires the controlled and conscious taking of risks, for which you will be rewarded with long-term returns from the capital markets. To determine the right level of risk and return for you individually, we use a risk-profiling tool created by the market leader in scientifically based risk profiling.

As asset managers, we ourselves do not accept any assets from you, but receive a content-restricted power of attorney on the basis of which we carry out transactions in your custody account within the framework of the agreed investment guidelines.

The selection of the custodian bank plays an important role in this process. We work with various custodian banks in the Principality of Liechtenstein as well as in Switzerland and Germany.

The volume of the assets we manage enables us to negotiate very attractive conditions for our clients with the custodian banks cooperating with us. These are often significantly cheaper than if you were to request similar custodian bank services yourself or from your own bank. This means that our cooperation with the various custodian banks is solely in the best interest of our clients, as Arminius Wealth Management does not receive any payments or other incentives from the cooperating custodian banks for their use.

The conditions reflect the range of services used. The possibilities offered by the custodian banks range from highly individual custody and further banking services from international credit institutions for clients of different jurisdictions and language areas to individual private banking offers and very cost-effective brokerage services from fully digitalised direct banks and brokers.

Often, asset protection aspects and the jurisdictions of the custodian bank also play a decisive role for our clients.
We would be pleased to present the various custodian banks and possible condition models in detail and then support you in opening a custody account.



Development of the investment policy

The basis of our cooperation with you is a detailed asset management agreement including the investment guidelines agreed with you. This is based on an investment policy drawn up with you. This contains the framework conditions and objectives of the investment strategy as well as the long-term strategic asset allocation derived from it, and serves as a guideline for further cooperation. The conclusion of the asset management agreement provides the foundation for our operational cooperation with you.

Asset Management

IAs part of our ongoing asset management services, we tactically implement strategic asset allocation within the framework of the agreed investment guidelines. The individual transactions can be directly traced by means of the settlement receipts and, if desired, by online access to the managed custody accounts.


You will receive a written report on a quarterly basis based on a current statement of assets. This shows you the current positioning of the portfolio with the respective financial instruments as well as the risks taken and returns achieved on this basis.

Strategy Meeting

Regular personal discussions with our clients are very important to us. Our management and your relationship manager will therefore contact you regularly to discuss current asset management in person.

Updating KYC documentation and investment policy

In order to comply with our regulatory obligations, we regularly update our client data. We may also compare your existing investment policy with your current circumstances in a personal meeting and adjust it if necessary or at your request. Irrespective of this, we are always open to hearing from you directly and we would be happy to discuss the matter with you in our office in Vaduz or at your premises.


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